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Parents as Partners

At DAAS, we consider our parents to be powerful partners in the educational process. We understand that academic success is only achieved when we work together as a team for the benefit of the student. To this end, we encourage parents to communicate regularly with your child’s teacher. You can do this through arranged visits to the classroom, e-mail messages, notes, or phone calls. You are also encouraged to follow your child’s class requirements and accomplishments through Parent Connect.  Here you can review your child’s attendance record, completion of academic assignments, and course schedules.
We also provide guidance and assistance to parents through special in-services sponsored by our Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Some topics for the PAC in-services include: Parental Strategies for Addressing Reading and Math, Behavioral Management Techniques, and other in-services that serve as valuable tools for addressing your child’s educational challenges and supporting their academic studies.  Along with these in-service experiences, parents are also encouraged to participate in the regularly scheduled PAC meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity for you to share your concerns, interests and to make recommendations for district operations and educational planning.
Volunteering to assist with activities in your child’s school provides parents with a firsthand glimpse of the academy’s daily schedule and to observe many of our specialized programs in operation. Volunteering also sends a message to your child that you are very serious about his or her education and that you will be visible and take an active part in seeing to it that they succeed.