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Transportation Servcies

The goal of DAAS Administration is provide safe and efficient bus transportation for all eligible students. We regularly review this service and implement changes that will allow us to keep our costs within our district’s budget. In order to continue offering transportation for free, we cannot offer door-to-door service, but have identified bus stops that are strategically located across the city to give convenient options for the vast majority of families we serve. All parents will be notified of any location or time changes as the school year progresses. Individual letters have been mailed to each family advising of bus stop assignments and drop-off and pick-up times. If you have not received your letter OR, if you would like further information, please call the appropriate school site. All school sites are open Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.
Our staff will make every effort to provide you all the information necessary for you and your child to have a positive transportation experience.
If you have not been contacted to confirm a transportation request or if you have a specific concern regarding bus transportation, please contact Mrs. Rochelle Robinson at 313-259-1744 (ext. 1107).


Student Responsibilities:  It is important for parents and students to understand that riding the school bus is a privilege and not an obligation on the part of the district. If a student refuses to follow the rules and policies regarding bus behavior or is, in any way, disrespectful to drivers or coordinators, all transportation privileges can be immediately revoked.
Parent Responsibilities:  For the safety of every child, a parent, guardian, older sibling or other adult is required to remain with or receive students at the pick-up or drop-off locations. If the designated adult is not present at the drop-off location at the end of the school day, the student will be returned to the school for pick up by the parent.
Q.  When will bus service begin?
Transportation services begin the first day of school, and will be provided on all days that school is in session.
Q.  Who is eligible to ride the bus?
All DAAS students in grade K-8 can submit a request for transportation. Students must live in the city of Detroit and live at least one mile from their assigned campus. Students must complete and submit a transportation request form and receive confirmation of their approval before riding the bus to or from school.
Q.  How will my children know which bus to ride?
Each bus will be clearly identified as a transport vehicle for the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences. Each bus will be assigned a bus attendant. Bus attendants will have a list of students assigned to each route. Bus schedules are available in the main office of each school and on DAAS website at and provide detailed information on routes and drop-off / pick-up times.
Q.  Other than students, who can board the bus?
Only DAAS employees, security officers, or authorized personal may board a DAAS bus. Unauthorized persons boarding a bus may be subject to legal prosecution.
Q.  What is the cost per student?
DAAS bus service is free to those students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.
Q. What do I do if the bus does not show up on time?
Due to uncontrollable conditions such as inclement weather, traffic accidents, or road closings, there may be days when the buses are delayed. If your bus has not arrived 15 minutes after the designated time, please contact the Main Office at 313-259-1744 to get an estimated time of arrival.
If you have additional concerns, please contact Mrs. Rochelle Robinson, our Transportation Coordinator at 313-259-1744 ext. 1107.